My time leaving you.

You’re abusing my soul.
Shattering me with your words
Making my heart sink with your actions.
and leaving me with with broken promises.
Loving you felt like a rollercoaster,
making me feeling high
when times were good,
and making me cry,
when times were bad.
Loving you was never a waste.
Loving you was never a praise.
But still somehow I wanted us,
wanted working on us,
wanted loving both of us.
I still don’t know what could’ve happened,
I will not know what could’ve happened,
but I know that
time will heal all of our wounds,
at least that was what you used to say.
Ending us felt like a freedom.
Ending us felt like a burden.
But you shattered my soul in thousand pieces,
you abused my soul with stonecold words,
So now
it’s my time leaving you.
Leaving our broken story.

-your past lover

Photo by devn on Unsplash

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